Terms and Conditions of Training – Fame Performing Arts

IMPORTANT: Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting. By submitting this application, you are accepting the following clauses 1 to 13 inclusive.

Fame Performing Arts or Fame refers to Fame Performing Arts Pty Ltd, its representatives, employees, and sub-contractors and shall be read accordingly.

“YOU” means you, the student enrolled, or anybody who in Fame’s reasonable opinion is acting with your authority or permission and “YOUR” shall be read accordingly. 

1. No fees apply for a free trial class. If you choose to sign up for the program after commencement of the trial, an official sign up form is required and full payment will be required for the Term.

2. Fame Performing Arts requires full payment of the Term or Workshop fees to confirm enrolment. Payment can be made via credit card (surcharges apply).

3. Fame Performing Arts is not responsible for changes in your personal circumstances. If you wish to transfer or withdraw from a training program, once a term or program has commenced, you must advise Fame in writing. Fame MAY, at their sole discretion, negotiate a credit or other agreement regarding the unused value of the paid fees.  If a credit is negotiated, this is to be used with Fame Performing Arts within 12 months of being awarded.

4. Under normal circumstance, Fame will not be compelled to refund training fees unless the course is cancelled or postponed. In such a case, a refund or credit note to the value of that already paid for training will be extended to the student. (Credit notes to be used with Fame Performing Arts within 12 months of being awarded)

5. After the training you have registered for has commenced, ALL requests for refunds will be declined and there will be no adjustments or refunds for missed classes. Exceptional cases may be subject to further consideration by Fame Performing Arts.

6. Fame training programs are subject to change. Fame reserves the right to change course structures and learning outcomes, move rehearsal and performance venues, and to replace teachers when necessary, with other, suitably qualified and experienced, industry professionals.

7. While the Company has taken all reasonable health and safety precautions to keep students, teachers, audience, staff and performers safe, you enter the venue at your own risk without recourse to claim against the Company regarding health outcomes.

8. The Company shall not be liable in damages or otherwise for any failure to comply with the proposed schedule or outcome delivery for events beyond their reasonable control (Force Majeure).

9. All Fame training programs involve physical activity. By enrolling in a training program, students will indemnify Fame Performing Arts from all liability or responsibility for injury which might be sustained in the normal conduct of classes, rehearsals or performances, not withstanding any negligence by Fame personnel.

10. Fame Performing Arts reserves the right to refuse any enrolment as permitted by law or to request a participant to leave a class or training program if they are disruptive, consistently late or absent or they have not paid their fees.

11. Fame training shows are designed for training purposes and personal growth in a fun and encouraging environment. Fame Performing Arts endeavours to ensure that each student is involved and challenged in each training program, regardless of previous arts education or performance experience.

12. By submitting this form for enrolment and accepting these Terms and Conditions of Training, I authorise my child to participate in the full programmes, classes, workshops, performances, and all associated activities (the “Activities”) of Fame Performing Arts Pty Ltd (The “Company”) from this date forward. I acknowledge that I must advise in writing if they are not physically fit to participate fully in the Activities. I also acknowledge that there are risks in participating in the Activities. I agree that, having taken such precautions as in its discretion are deemed advisable, the Company will not be held responsible for any injury, sickness, or accident or for any loss or damage to personal property resulting from participating in the Activities. I authorise the Company to secure medical care if necessary. If for any reason medical attention beyond any first aid furnished by or on behalf of the Company is required, I agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred. I agree to indemnify the Company, its officers, directors, agents, volunteers, contractors, and employees and save them harmless from and with respect to all suits, actions and prosecutions by reason of any Activity carried out by me whether on or off the Company’s property. I give permission for the Company’s Instructors and Volunteers to administer basic First Aid to my child if required on my behalf in case of medical emergency. If your child has asthma and requires preventative or acute medication please supply an Asthma Action Plan.)

13. By submitting this form for enrolment and accepting these Terms and Conditions of Training, I authorise Fame Performing Arts to take photographs, collect comments, record audio, and film/video footage of my child for promotional and educational purposes from this date forward without expiry. This material may be used for media releases, printed materials, curriculum outcomes, and electronic communication (including online social media) and grant permission for these reproductions either in full or part and in conjunction with any wording for the purpose of promoting Fame Performing Arts and its programmes in a positive manner.

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